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How to Write an Author Biography

If you are thinking of writing an autobiography for your book or blog but you also don’t know what to put in it, worry no more because we have just the right solution for you!

As a reader who is so into a certain book or a blog post, it can be interesting to know more about the author who wrote about the piece you just can’t get enough of. The author’s biography is really very important because it can help your reader learn more about you and your interests so that you can later on establish more networks and connections with them.

However, even if how skilled of a writer you are, you will also experience difficulties in writing an author biography most especially if you don’t know what to write in it or what information should you disclose. To help you out in writing your author bio, we will provide you with some examples on what to disclose for your readers to know more about you.

The good thing about an author bio is that you can write basically anything about yourself. You might want to start with your career in writing, how you start as a writer, what are the things that you write about and what are your fields of interest. This is one of the ways to keep tight connections with your readers who are also interested on the field that you wish to focus on and write about. But you must always right in the third person perspective if you wish to write an autobiography so that you won’t appear too vain for your readers.

You might also want to brag about your achievements in your autobiography so consider writing about your educational background or the award that you got. If you are also a member of a certain society, club or business group, you might also want to tell your audience about it by writing about them in your autobiography.

Your hobbies can also make a good entry for your autobiography as you can also include there some of your hobbies such as cooking, crafting, DIY projects, sports, photography and basically anything that you are fond of doing. If you want to include in your autobiography the things that you are interested in such as living a healthy lifestyle, zero waste movement, becoming a vegetarian or living a drug free life or smoke free life, you can also do so.

Click here if you want to know more creative ideas and examples of the things that you can put in your autobiography. With a good autobiography, you might just develop good connections and networks with your readers.

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